IPR 003: Interesting Teens!
Ileri Jaiyeoba & Maria Myers are Helping and Healing Women

Interesting Teens Are Shaping The Future Today! What an incredible honor to bring IPR to We Are Family Foundation‘s Three Dot Dash Just Peace Summit, where I got to meet and interview so many Global Teen Leaders (GTLs) and their Mentors. Listen to this first episode of this series on Interesting Teens, and get to […]

IPR 002: Sola Adenekan, Disposable Consumerism Specialist

Our Trash Is Trashing Our Planet We are in an environmental mess! I bet you never wondered where all those prescription meds end up once they have passed through our bodies. Could your carrot have someone else’s Xanax in it? Have you ever thought about what happens to all of those little plastic bottles used at […]

IPR 001: Meet My Mom!

Finally, IPR has arrived! It was a long labor, and an awesomely sloppy and goopy birth. Like a proud Mom, here we are with our debut episode! And, who would be the perfect person to interview to start Interesting People Radio off on the right foot? We interviewed Adel! IPR’s Founder, Cynthia Cherish Malaran‘s Momma! […]

IPR is not just a Podcast, IPR is Eavesdrop Radio.

We’ve made a Podcast for those in the Chemo Chair, bored at the Gym, stuck on a long commute, and for the Blind Community. Download the IPR Interesting People Radio podcast on iTunes here (link coming) Visit IPR Interesting People Radio on Instagram @interestingpeopleradio and on Facebook at Facebook.com/InterestingPeopleRadio Hi, I’m Cynthia Cherish Malaran,  I am a Radio Show host, An […]