IPR 006: Interesting Teens!
Corinne Hindes & Bonnie Howland on Warmth and Curing Blindness

Warm Winters and Curable Blindness

What an incredible honor to bring IPR to We Are Family Foundation‘s Three Dot Dash Just Peace Summit, where I got to meet and interview so many Global Teen Leaders (GTLs) and their Mentors. Listen to this episode of this series on Interesting Teens, and get to know the work of these Global Teen Leaders, Corinne Hindes, and Bonnie Howland.

Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Corinne Hindes and Bonnie Howland

Corinne Hindes, 16, Founder of WARM WINTERS, is doing something so simple, yet profound—at age 11, Corinne and her best friend Katrine started a non-profit that helps the homeless stay warm by taking articles of clothing that have been left behind in the lost-and-found of ski resorts and then distributing those unclaimed gloves, coats, hats, scarves and so on to the homeless, keeping them warm, in style. Get to know Corinne and hear what her mentor, Jed Selkowitz, SVP of AMERICARES thinks about teens.

Hailing from New Zealand, Bonnie Howland, 19, Founder of INDIGO & IRIS, while spending time in the Pacific Island Vanuatu, met a single mother named Bibiane who had become blind from cataracts. Bibiane’s daughter had to drop out of primary school to care for their family. Her story inspired Bonnie to found Indigo & Iris, a social enterprise working to cure treatable blindness in the South Pacific Islands. Indigo & Iris manufactures and sells organic, ethical makeup products and uses the profits to fund eyesight restorable surgeries. Set to launch in 2016, Bonnie envisions Indigo & Iris selling products in cities all over the world, standing out among major international brands and as a result, having an immense impact on healthcare in Pacific communities. Get to know Bonnie and her mentor, Valerie Monroe, the Beauty Director at O, the Oprah Magazine!

Listen to this episode to get inspired and start thinking about issues, locally and around the world. Support these brilliant Global Teen Leaders! More episodes in the Teens Shaping The Future Today Series on IPR coming up…

Thank you, Three Dot Dash!

Keep nurturing our future leaders.

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