If you have more than a story to tell and have something to sell,
you should be on IPR Interesting People Radio!

IPR is funded by Business Episodes.
What is a Business Episode?

Business episodes are 30-minute casual, investigative interviews that discuss and promote your product or service like an infomercial would, only without the tacky infomercial feel. For $150 USD, you get a half-hour casual interview meant to intrigue and highlight stories about you and your product/service. You can then use the link to your episode in all of your email signatures, Linkedin, Facebook and any other marketing. Your episode will even appear on iTunes for you to download and keep offline in your iPod, computer etc. for presentations on the whim.

Think about how great technology is—Anyone can listen to your episode on their computers or smartphones. Wow!

Episode packages are available as well. You may be interested in a series of several episodes discussing and promoting the greatness of your product/service. Sign up for 6 half-hour episodes for only $750. What a great way to document your business journey, success attitude, and growth of your offerings. We can’t wait to tell the public how cool your product or service is. Those words need to be spoken and put into the consciousness of your potential customers. Is anyone telling your story now?

Family Heirlooms

For Individuals and Family Businesses, you are not just buying a promotional podcast, you are creating an heirloom recording documenting the story of your hard work and passion for your family to treasure in years to come. Our Founder and Lead Host, Cynthia Cherish Malaran, realized the power and beauty of this when she stumbled upon an old recording of herself as a young child on cassette of herself “reporting” the weather. Feeling how precious it is to hear how much she has grown, Cynthia realized that YOUR recordings today will be just as super-precious tomorrow. We usually don’t value where we are today, but looking back in time, we all can agree that no matter where we are at the moment in our life’s development and business advancement, today is an important piece of our legacy.

Cynthia will bring the best out of your interesting background story for the IPR audience to end up with an entertaining and gripping podcast about you, your life, your story and your business, all for you to keep in podcast form. Podcasts are wonderful because they can be played and played over again, unlike radio, which once aired is a pain to get an archive of. Podcasts have been called “the Netflix of radio.”

Podcasts as a Self-Marketing Tool

Having your own Business Podcast is great if you are positioning yourself to apply for Keynotes, TedTalks, or you simply need to impress with your Voice for a promotion or career climb. Podcasts make you come to life and they stand out over a silent resume.

Podcasts as a Marriage Proposal?

Believe it or not, IPR has been asked to help coordinate a marriage proposal. We can’t tell the details just yet, since it’s still “in the works,” but if you’d like to hire IPR to set up an epic marriage proposal that will be talked about for decades (sample setup: you can talk about your work, then your mate and surprise them with a ring), we would LOVE to get creative with your lovestory.

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