IPR 008: The Wolfpack’s Mukunda Angulo: Creativity and Forgiveness Sets You Free

Creativity and Forgiveness Sets You Free

What an incredible honor to bring IPR to We Are Family Foundation‘s Three Dot Dash Just Peace Summit, where I got to meet and interview so many interesting young minds. In this episode you get to meet Ted talk speaker Mukunda Angulo and Megan Delaney, of the Sundance winning film, The Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack Mukunda Angulo and Cynthia Cherish Malaran with Anum Khan

Even though Mukunda and his siblings were trapped in their home their whole lives, they found freedom in their mind by being creative. Once old enough and able to physically leave their home on their own, further freedom was found by way of forgiveness. After watching his film, The Wolfpack, available on iTunes and on Netflix, I felt anger and had so many questions, as everyone had. I got to ask Mukunda those questions, and find peace. Anum Khan joins us in this interview and speaks up for girls around the world who experience similar experiences of being locked in their homes.


Thank you, Mukunda and Three Dot Dash!

Keep telling and sharing your stories. Doing so inspires others to listen to our inner voices and finding freedom. People need it and are listening.

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