IPR 009: MUSIC HEALS! Angélica Rahe on Women’s Empowerment & The Spirit of ¡Pa’lante!


Mayimba Music‘s Zoila Darton brought the incredibly soulful Singer / Songwriter / Producer, Angélica Rahe (pronounced “ray”), to the IPR studios to give us a sweet acoustic performance of her new single, “¡Pa’lante!” dropping on April 22, on Apple Music. “¡Pa’lante!” Leave all your baggage behind, let’s grab each others’ hands and move forward!


“I love love.”

Rahe tells us about overcoming shyness and fears, her fascinating background with gypsies, storytelling through songwriting, honoring the nerd and goofball within, and what love and music mean to her. Empowerment, connection, healing—Music is the medicine, the life force and fuel for this talented mujer.

Listen to this episode to get insight on women and the music industry, get thinking about how music heals you, and think about all the battles you’ve won. Get serenaded and own the spirit of Pa’lante!

Special shoutout to Chic’s Nile Rodgers for gifting IPR’s DJ CherishTheLuv with a pair of red ZIK3 headphones by Parrot. A truly exquisite, incredible pair of noise canceling headphones.

Mayimba Music Angelica Rahe Zoila Darton Palante

Mayimba Music Angelica Rahe Zoila Darton Palante

Thank you, Angélica Rahe and Mayimba Music!

Keep empowering women and connecting souls through love and music.

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