IPR 010: Maike Both on Set Decorating for The Muppets

A Fascinating Glimpse at Life with Muppets

What do the films Reality Bites, Replacement Killers, actors George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, and The Muppets Have in common? This woman: Maike Both!

Maike Both, a two-time Interesting Person on IPR, comes back to tell us what it’s like to be a Set Decoration Buyer for movies and television, and most recently, for the Muppets, quite possibly one of the coolest jobs out there. Who doesn’t want to buy a ton of stuff for Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest? Maike tells us about “muppetizing” furniture, what it’s like to be on set with the Muppets, and even date one of them. Yeah. I said date. 

Set Decoration Buyer Maike Both on the Muppets

You may remember Maike from her previous episode telling us all about her movement, Unfuck The World. In case you didn’t catch her previous IPR episode, you can visit Unfuck The World’s wildly popular facebook page, and become aware of how we are fucking the world up and what we can do about it. Click here to get your own UTW gear to support the cause and spread the wordIt’s not just a movement, it’s a mindset, and one that can truly change the future for the better. Prepare yourself for the Annual Unfuck The World Day held around the world this, and every June, by going to the website here and seeing which other countries are involved in making a positive difference today. Get motivated to get compassionate again and do some good in your own world. Yeah! You can host your own event and do good. Real good.

Compassion is the core of understanding when making things better for everyone.

Along with UTW, Maike Both has also created a non-profit in Los Angeles called A Million Drops which is dedicated to helping homeless in the L.A. area by providing outreach, comfort and resources from socks, sleeping bags, resume writing, to doing laundry and providing showers for job interviews. When you understand where another person is coming from, and you try putting yourself in their shoes, you can’t help but want to make a difference. So, don’t just be a bystander, YOU can DO something today. Start by listening to this podcast, open up your heart and mind, and then visit these links below:

Join UTWNow on facebook

Unfuck The World’s website and countdown to UTW Day! 

Get your own Unfuck The World gear

A Million Drops, helping the homeless in Los Angeles

Thank you, Maike, for muppetizing our minds!

The world keeps getting a little less fucked because of what you do and its ripple effect around the globe.

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