IPR 011: Way Papa Muse & Sacha Jones On The Plastic Free Challenge

Use your Art & Music to save the world!
Since you’re already on social media, we challenge YOU! #plasticfreechallenge

The PLASTIC FREE CHALLENGE IS NOW IN FULL EFFECT! Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Take a listen to this episode to find out how you can save the Earth, your health and promote your talents all at the same time! Using #plasticfreechallenge , you can post on social media all the creative ways you are skipping single use plastics and inspire others to do the same. Want to help create awareness? Make a song! Create some art! What creative ways can you come up with to use less plastic and teach others to do the same while you’re at it?

Just stare into my shiny bald chemotherapy head and know that I fully recognize the role plastic water bottles played in my health! But you do not need your own cancer wake up call to learn how to prevent illness for yourself and your loved ones. Just use mine! Way Papa Muse will fill you in on how you can truly make a difference in your health and your children’s health, and Sacha Jones of Stiggly Holistics, a former bartender, drops the science on the ridiculousness of plastic straws and stirrers! Stuff you never even realized. Things that make you go “hmm!”

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Thank you, Way and Sacha, for opening our minds!

Mother Earth and all the unborn children thank you.

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