IPR 001: Meet My Mom!

Finally, IPR has arrived!

It was a long labor, and an awesomely sloppy and goopy birth. Like a proud Mom, here we are with our debut episode! And, who would be the perfect person to interview to start Interesting People Radio off on the right foot? We interviewed Adel! IPR’s Founder, Cynthia Cherish Malaran‘s Momma! Makes perfect sense, after all, Cynthia’s life story begins with her.

Interesting People Radio's Debut Episode featuring Cynthia's Mom!

Adel tells Cynthia Cherish and IPR Co-Interviewer, musician, activist and poet, Tres Myers, precious stories about herself; how she survived a stroke, a coma, how she immigrated to the United States from the Philippines, what it was like being a Psychiatric Night Shift Nurse in New York City with three kids, and how dancing and music play such an important role in her daily joy and healing.

Listen to this episode for some giggles, get to hear a spooky, interesting, and real near-death story experience, be inspired, be serenaded, and receive a wonderful blessing from Adel, herself. Just for You.

Thank you, Mom!

None of this would exist without you.

Catch the latest episode on IPR right here:

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