Olivia Wright on Healing Speech Impediments & Shoeing the World

Healing with Shoes and Music

What an incredible honor to bring IPR to We Are Family Foundation‘s Three Dot Dash Just Peace Summit, where I got to meet and interview so many Global Teen Leaders (GTLs) and their Mentors. Listen to this episode of this series on Interesting Teens, and get to know the work of Olivia Wright! With a W!

Olivia Wright on Healing with Shoes and Singing

Hailing from Nashville, Tenessee, Olivia Wright, 17, Founder of H.U.G.S., Help Us Give Shoes, tells us her story about how music healed her speech impediment, and how she is improving the lives of so many, one foot at a time, one smile at a time. Her passion for singing and giving shoes to the homeless is inspiring and heartwarming. Olivia has just collected her 100,000th pair of shoes to give to the homeless and shoeless. Wow! What a feat! Feet? Pun intended! Joining us is photographer Marc Birnbach for a proper “interview bomb.”

Listen to this episode to get inspired to start thinking about how music heals you, and to think about issues, locally and around the world. What can YOU do to make a difference? Support these brilliant Global Teen Leaders! More episodes in the Teens Shaping The Future Today Series on IPR coming up…

Olivia Wright, Cynthia Malaran, and Marc Birnbach talk about shoes for the homeless and music healing

Thank you, Three Dot Dash!

Keep nurturing our future leaders.

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